KRPG 2 is coming and lots of changes are going to take place when we make the official switch. A whole new world map called the Mortal Realms and a whole new (very hard) Warlands map. The class system is going to change from MCMMO to Heroes, and Factions has had some tweaks made to make gameplay better.

We are so excited to release. We have put months of time into this and it is so close to ready we can taste it. We build a whole new spawn city with a new castle. The under-city of the castle is awesome (if I do say so myself…since I build about 90% of it). The thieves guild is my fave, personally. Maybe I should be the King/Queen of Thieves! HA

Warlands is an all new, and more dangerous map!

I am so exited, I really hope everyone likes it!

A Friend is a Friend is a Friend

virtual friends

The importance of virtual friends

This has been making the rounds on Tumblr the past couple days. I could not agree more, and in our case, a few of those virtual friends became physical friends when we met them at MAGFest a month ago.

I also see it played out daily on the servers, the players get excited when their virtual friends get on. The feelings are real, they are friends. Virtual or physical, the emotional bond is there and it means a lot to them


I procrastinated like the best this time, but I got the February build competition ready about 10 minutes ago.  I probably should start thinking about the next one. I know people really want game arenas as a theme but games and arenas get complicated with plugins and such, so we haven’t found a reasonable way to do that yet.

This month’s theme will be Guild Halls.  Players must utilize the 70×70 space to create a guild hall specifically for a KRPG class (Knight, Vagabond, Ranger, Scholar, Sage, Infernus, Conjuror or Dragoon). Each guild hall must have at least 3 challenge rooms/areas that incorporate skills used by that class – the final goal being to get through all the challenges (thus learning how the skills work) and make it to a final room in which the player would receive a chest with a class-specific starter kit.

So we shall see what my dears come up with!


Minecraft Office Lut Gholein

I’m working, I promise!

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted but it’s been crazy busy lately. I’ve, of course, let myself get behind on a few things. Like the build competition. But! But…I got the new construct world with new expansion finished today! (I had it finished the other day but then K reminded me that the copy of the world I had taken might be old, as we backup every hour, and people might have made changes…turns out it was 9 days old…that’s too long….had to get  a new copy and do it again)

MCEdit is one tricky beast of a program to use. Man oh man…..

So the new expanded construct map is now live on KRPG! HUZZAH! Tomorrow after I get home from work I will get the lots and zones ready! I’m cutting it close, to say the least.

Time to Get Back to Work

Well, I promised the people a new build competition and by golly they will have it!

Feb 1st.

If I didn’t have to go to work everyday it would probably have already started but……I need teh monehs.

I think I’ve got the theme down now, so all I have to do is ready the Construct world. MCEdit here come!! I’ve never used it before so this should be fun!

One More Awesome

An amazing drawing of the KRPG staff by my new friend Sam.

So we were chilling in our hotel room just talking about something or another and Sam draws this! The KRPG staff! Totally the greatest thing ever!

Also Tetris pants!

Check out her deviantART

Freaking MAGFest!

So K and I went to MAGFest this past weekend and met up with some of our server staff. We had never met in person before and it was really exciting to finally meet our friends from the server. I can honestly say that it was the most fun I’ve ever had. By the end of the weekend we were making plans to meet in 6 months or so somewhere in the middle between us (we are about 17+ hours driving distance from them all). We will definitely be at MAGFest again next year.

MAGFest Chiptunes


MAGFest Console Games

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MAGFest Arcade

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MAGFest Nerf Battle

Nerf Battle

Great Friends